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Background Elder abuse in general is an important issue and must be addressed by family physicians who have intimate knowledge of patients«SQ» medical, functional and social problems. Objective The aim of the study was to estimate the prevalence of the abuse among geriatrics and to determine the types of elder abuse. Patients and methods This study was a cross-sectional study for all registered elderly people, aged 60 years and above, who attended the outpatient clinic of Meet Rady village; there were 123 patients during the period from April 2012 to April 2013. This study included 23 patients with elderly abuse, 13 female patients and 10 male patients, aged 60 years and above. All these patients were subjected to predesigned questionnaire and their data were retrieved by checking their files. Results The prevalence of elderly abuse in the primary healthcare was 23%. Negligence and financial abuse were the most common types of abuse in primary healthcare. Elderly abuse increases in people with low socioeconomic status. The quality of life that affects prevalence is higher in the abused group versus the nonabused group. The prevalence of good quality of life was 33% and the prevalence of bad quality of life was 67%. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders was 12% and about two-third of them had elderly abuse. Conclusion The continuous rise in elderly mistreatment in the society is a new challenge for the healthcare providers and needs an integrated effort from all the workers involved in the health service.