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Objective This study aimed to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic options for familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) in children. Data summary Data sources : medical textbooks, medical journals, and medical websites with updated information. Study selection: systematic reviews that discussed the various aspects of FMF epidemiology, etiology, and management. Data extraction: web search was performed on the PubMed medical databases and the full text of the relevant paper was critically analyzed and interpreted. Data synthesis: the results of the included studies were summarized and incorporated into the review article«SQ»s main text, with a focus on the various conclusions studied and comparison with similar studies. Conclusion FMF is not an uncommon disease. The disease has many presentations and fever is not an essential component in the diagnosis. Amyloidosis is the most devastating complication of FMF. Colchicine treatment can reduce the frequency and severity of attacks and prevent complications including amyloidosis.