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Objective The aim of this study was to assess mast cell tryptase (MCT) expression in skin tags (STs) in comparison with normal skin. Background STs or acrochordons are common benign connective tissue of the dermis that are composed of loose fibrous tissue, in middle-aged and elderly individuals, located predominantly in intertriginous skin and neck, which consists of a bit of skin projecting from the surrounding skin. Patients and methods This study was carried out on 30 patients and 10 control participants. One biopsy was obtained from each patient. Mast cell count and mast cell density were assessed by immunohistochemical staining for MCT and expressed as mean, median, and range (the average mast cell count/high-power field). Results The results of the present study showed a statistically significant increase in the mast cells count in STs in comparison with normal skin. Conclusion Higher expression of MCT in ST compared with normal skin and this enzyme mediator may be responsible for induction of fibrosis in ST.