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Objective The main objective of this study was prevention of diabetic retinopathy (DR), and specifically to determine its prevalence among type 2 diabetic patients. Background DR is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. It develops in nearly all individuals with type 1 diabetes and in more than 75% of individuals with type 2 who survive for over 20 years with the disease. Patients and methods This is a cross-sectional comparative study. It was conducted on all registered type 2 diabetic patients in Al-Shoaar FHU and Kafr-Shokr FHC; both were randomly selected to represent the urban and rural areas of Qaluobia governorate during the period from January to November 2013. The study included 105 patients with type II diabetes mellitus. They were subjected to a predesigned questionnaire, and their data were retrieved by checking their files. Results The prevalence of DR in type 2 diabetic patients was 51.3%, and 62.8% of the patients had never undergone a fundus examination before this study. In 57% of the patients, the barrier for DR screening was negligence and lack of awareness about its importance. Prevalence of DR depends on the duration of and degree of control of diabetes. Conclusion Most of the diabetic patients are aware of its complications; however, there is little awareness about the importance of screening for DR, which together with negligence constitutes the main barriers for its screening. Therefore, the family physician plays an important role in increasing patients«SQ» awareness.