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Introduction Skin diseases are common among the general populations and account for a high percentage of all diseases faced by family physician. Skin diseases represent a significant health problem in developing countries. The aim is to improve the health status of skin of patients attending the family healthcare facilities and empower the role of family physician in dermatological care of their patients versus the specialists. Patients and methods The study was carried out on 100 patients from the primary healthcare services (group A) and 100 patients from the Outpatient Clinic of the Dermatological Department of Menoufia University Hospital representing the secondary healthcare services (group B). All patients were interviewed after giving consent. They were subjected to full history taking, dermatological examination, and filling the questionnaires for an assessment of the patient satisfaction, compliance, and rights. Results The prevalence of skin diseases seen by family physician was 175, 30% of total patients (552) in outpatient clinic of primary healthcare. Patients who visited family physician for a skin lesion said that their lesions were «SQ»better«SQ». Moreover, patients said that they were satisfied with their care. However, there were difficulties in management of allergic and cancerous lesions by family physician; hence, these cases were referred for dermatologists. Conclusion For better healthcare utilization, patients with skin diseases should first visit the primary healthcare sites, where they will be subjected to complete comprehensive examination and treated properly or referred to the dermatologist in complicated cases or in difficult diagnosis and recur again for a well-constructed continuity of care.