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Objectives This study was carried out to assess the effect of the proposed range-of-motion program on the reduction of low back pain among sciatic patients. Background Exercises are superior to minimal intervention for the reduction of pain in individuals with nonspecific low back pain. Materials and methods A sample of 30 patients suffering from lower back pain due to sciatica were included in the study. The study was carried out at the Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic at Menoufia University Hospital, Egypt. Three tools were utilized for data collection. Tool 1: a structured interviewing questionnaire to assess patients«SQ» knowledge and medical data. Tool 2: an observation check list, which was developed by the researcher to observe patient performance related to the performance of the proposed range of motion. Tool 3: a visual analogue pain scale (orthopedic pain management needs). Results Results revealed that there was statistically significant improvement in the total knowledge score (P = 0.001) and the pain level of the studied participants after implementing educational intervention about the range of motions as compared with preintervention (P = 0.00). Conclusion The range-of-motion program had a highly significant effect on the knowledge and the pain among patients with sciatic pain.