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Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of Muller«SQ»s muscle-conjunctival resection in the treatment of mild-to-moderate ptosis with fair-to-good levator function. Background Muller«SQ»s muscle-conjunctival resection, which was originally described by Fasanella and Servat and later modified by Putterman and Urist, has traditionally been performed for correction of mild-to-moderate upper eyelid ptosis, resulting in improved eyelid height. Patients and methods A prospective nonrandomized study was conducted on patients attending the Outpatient Clinic of Ophthalmology Department in Menoufia University Hospital during the period of study from May 2013 to October 2014. This study was conducted on 20 eyes of 20 patients with mild-to-moderate ptosis with fair-to-good levator function. Muller«SQ»s muscle-conjunctival resection was performed for all cases, and the patients were followed up for 6 months. Results Success of the operation was determined by means of postoperative eyelid elevation. Patients were divided into three categories: (a) successful (eyelid elevated to cover 2 mm of the cornea or within 0.5 mm of this level), which included 12 eyelids (60%); (b) accepted (within 1 mm of normal eyelid level, which covers 2 mm of the cornea), which included eight eyelids (40%); and (c) failed (uncorrected 0%). Conclusion Muller«SQ»s muscle-conjunctival resection surgery has high success rate in treating mild-to-moderate ptosis with fair-to-good levator function. It also has few and mild complications, with the advantage of good cosmetic results due to avoidance of cutaneous scar, and results in good eyelid contour.