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Objective This study aimed to evaluate the role of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy ( 1 H-MRS) in grading of brain gliomas. Background Noninvasive and accurate grading of brain gliomas is important for determining the correct treatment plane and in some cases to avoid unnecessary aggressive surgical treatment. 1 H-MRS has a potential for providing metabolic information about tumor tissues without surgical tissue sampling. Patients and methods This prospective study included 70 patients with brain gliomas. Single voxel spectroscopy was obtained using PRESS sequence with TE 136 ms. Results The number of male and female patients was 38 and 32, respectively; their ages ranged from 11 to 58 years with a mean age of 49.9 years. The mean Cho/Cr ratio was 1.46 in low-grade gliomas and 3.9 in high-grade gliomas. The mean Cho/N-acetylaspartate was 1.17 in low-grade gliomas and 3.7 in high-grade gliomas. Lipid/lactate peak was present only in high-grade gliomas. Conclusion 1 H-MRS is a noninvasive method that provides greater information concerning tumor activity and characterization of the tumor tissue than is possible with standard MRI technique alone.