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Objectives This study aimed to evaluate the treatment of patients with segmental tibial fractures using an Ilizarov external fixator. Background Segmental fractures of the tibial shaft often occur after a high-energy direct trauma with consecutive severe soft-tissue injury and a high rate of open fractures. The blood supply of the intermediate bone fragment can be severely disturbed, and therefore operative treatment is demanding. Materials and methods This prospective study included 30 patients with segmental tibial fractures. All were fixed by an Ilizarov external fixator. Results The bone results were excellent in 15 patients (50%), good in six patients (20%), fair in seven patients (23.4%), and poor in two patients (6.6%). The functional results were excellent in 15 patients (50%), good in 10 patients (33.4%), fair in three patients (10%), and poor in two patients (6.6%). Conclusion Ilizarov external fixator is a successful method in the acute management of segmental tibial fractures. This method allows for control of complications by decreasing the need for new operations even in the presence of infection.