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The present work aimed at discussing the association between angiogenesis and development of liver cirrhosis. They included medical textbooks, medical journals, and medical websites with updated information. Systematic reviews that addressed angiogenesis and studies that addressed the association of angiogenesis with the development of both cirrhosis and associated complications and the benefit of inhibition of angiogenesis in treatment of complications were included. Web search was performed on the PubMed medical databases, and the full text of the relevant paper was critically analyzed and interpreted. The researcher reviewed each study independently and rebuilt obtained data in his own language according to his needs to know the role of angiogenesis in the development of liver cirrhosis through the article. Angiogenesis and related changes in the angioarchitecture have been proposed to potentiate fibrosis progression toward cirrhosis. The association of fibrogenesis and angiogenesis should be regarded as crucial in the modern evaluation of liver disease progression and in the search for therapeutic targets.