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Objective The study was conducted to assess the level of patient satisfaction and compliance with the services provided in family healthcare facilities. Background Patient satisfaction and subsequent compliance are legitimate and important measures for assessing the quality of healthcare services in order to make it more positive, satisfying, and meet patient expectations. Patients and methods A cross-sectional study was conducted between 1 April 2012 and 1 October 2012. Two sites, one urban and one rural, were selected by a multistage random sampling technique. The patients attending the selected sites during the period of the study were invited to fill an Arabic questionnaire to assess and evaluate patient satisfaction and compliance toward medical health services presented in family practice. Results The study showed that 63% of participants in rural areas were satisfied with services in the family unit and 37% prefer hospitals and private clinics, whereas in urban areas only 25% of participants seek medical advice in family healthcare centers. Conclusion Patient satisfaction as a method of evaluating health services is essential and satisfaction with delivered services is important. Many factors affect compliance – for example, the patient, the disease, the regimen, the physician, and the healthcare system.