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Objective The aim of the present work was to evaluate pelvic endometriosis among women with unexplained infertility and chronic pelvic pain attending Menoufia University Hospital and subjected to diagnostic laparoscopy. Background Pelvic endometriosis is a common, frequently underestimated health problem in Egypt. It is correlated with patient's age less than 30 years and low parity. Patients and methods This was a prospective clinical observational study that included 50 patients with unexplained infertility and 50 patients with chronic pelvic pain who underwent diagnostic laparoscopy at the gynecologic Endoscopy Units, Menoufia University Hospital, from June 2014 to December 2015 to diagnose pelvic endometriosis as an etiologic factor with correlation of the different patient characteristics and the risk for endometriosis. Results Endometriosis was diagnosed by means of laparoscopy in 33 patients included in this study, of which 21 cases were confirmed by means of histopathological examination. There was a significant association with dysmenorrhea (P < 0.02), prior pelvic surgery (P < 0.03), and Cancer Antigen-125 measured using mini VIDAS (P < 0.001) level in positive cases. Conclusion Endometriosis should be suspected in infertile women and patients with pelvic pain, especially those with prior pelvic surgery. Dysmenorrhea is the most leading symptom indicating endometriosis. Laparoscopy with histopathologic examination is considered the most accurate for diagnosing endometriosis.