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Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of transdermal nitroglycerin patch, pancuronium, or a combination of both when added to low-dose lidocaine compared with standard-dose lidocaine alone in the intravenous regional anesthesia (IVRA) technique in adult healthy participants. Background Administration of neuromuscular blocking agents or nitroglycerin with local anesthetics in the upper limb during IVRA improves surgical conditions in adults. Patients and methods A total of 100 patients of both sexes aged 18 years or older undergoing elective forearm and hand surgeries were divided into four groups: group A received only lidocaine, group B received lidocaine + pancuronium, group C received lidocaine + nitroglycerin patch, and group D received lidocaine + pancuronium + nitroglycerin patch. Sensory and motor block onset and recovery times, Visual Analog Scale for Pain (VAS scores) for tourniquet pain, postoperative VAS score, and analgesic requirements were recorded. Results Sensory block onset times were shorter in groups D and C. Motor block onset times were shorter in groups D and B. Sensory block recovery time prolonged in group D. Motor block recovery time was prolonged in group D. There was a significant difference between the four groups in intraoperative pethidine requirements. The lowest dose of pethidine needed was in group D. Postoperative VAS scores showed significant differences between groups. Postoperative analgesic effect was the longest in group D. Conclusion A combination of 0.5 mg of pancuronium and 5 mg of transdermal nitroglycerin patch as adjuvant to 1.5 mg/kg lidocaine 0.25% improves the quality of IVRA without any side effects.