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Objective The aim of this study was to determine the effect of zinc supplementation on serum levels of zinc and leptin in pediatric patients on hemodialysis (HD). Background Zinc is an essential trace element for human nutrition, and its deficiency which could result in anorexia, poor nutritional status, high rates of infections, and growth retardation. Many patients on maintenance HD exhibit zinc deficiency. Leptin may offer a tool for making clear the physiology of zinc deficiency–induced anorexia based on a relationship between zinc and leptin levels. Patient and methods The study was carried out on 42 children divided into two groups: group I included 22 children on HD who received 50-mg zinc gluconate twice daily for 90 days, and group II included healthy children as controls. Anthropometric measurements were taken, and serum zinc and leptin levels were determined the day before supplementation and at day 90 of the study. Results Serum level of zinc is decreased and serum leptin level is increased in children on regular HD. There is an increase in zinc level and a decrease in serum leptin level after zinc supplementation. Conclusion Zinc supplementation increased serum zinc level and decreased serum leptin level among males and females in the studied patients. Enhancement of serum zinc level improves appetite and stimulate food intake.