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Internal Medicine

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Original Study


Objective:To assess the role of plasma pentraxin-3 in Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)among Egyptian patients.

Background:Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease represents a serious health concern and will amount to significant burden on health care systems.

Methods:a randomised controlled trial was conducted on 90 participants at outpatient clinic and inpatient internal medicine departments, Menoufia University Hospitals. All included participants were dividedinto 70 patients of NAFLD and 20 control healthy persons.blood pressure, weight, height, body mass index, waist circumference, fasting blood glucose,prothrombin time, activated partial prothrombin time, international normalised ratio, liver enzymes, lipid profile and pentraxin-3 level were investigated.

Results:there were significantly higher of pentraxin-3 levels in both of steatohepatitis and steatosis groups than the control group (p2.7745 with sensitivity 97% and specificity 75% and area under the curve 98%.

Conclusion: Patients with steatohepatitis and steatosis showed significant increased pentraxin-3 levels with significant positive correlation between PTX-3 levels, BMI, and cholesterol levels compared to control group.