Subject Area

Family Medicine

Article Type

Original Study


Objectives:To assess prevalence and types of skin diseases among primary school children in Benha city, Kalubia governorate, Egypt.

Background:Skin diseases are common among school-aged children,and many of such diseases are distressing for children in this age group.

Methods:An analytical cross-sectional study was performed on 400 children of primary school children from both sexes in Benhacity, Kalubia Governorate, Egypt,in a period from April 2019 to February 2022. A well-designed interviewer basedquestionnaire was applied to collect their demographic data, and medical history while signs of any skin disease were checked by the researcher through using a checklist.

Results: Mean age of the studied participants was 9.65±1.33 years. More than half of themwere females (55.0%).Overall prevalence of skin diseases among them was 76.0%, the most common diseases were pediculosis capitates (23.0%), followed by pityriasisalba (10.0%), scabies (6%) and papularurticaria (6%).Residency, mothers' work, computer use, per capita income, family size, crowding index,and nutritional status were determinates for disease occurrence (P<0.05).

Conclusion:Skin diseases were common among primary school children in Benha city. The most common diseases were pediculosis capitiesfollowed by pityriasisalba then papularurticariaand scabies. Focused health education sessions are very crucial for school children, their parents as well as their teachers in order to prevent such diseases.School health program have to be empoweredfor early detection of any skin disease through regular investigation of school children.