Subject Area

Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Original Study


Objective: To evaluate the predictive role of first trimester fetal heart rate in early prediction of gestational diabetes mellitus

Background:Diabetes represents a clinical challenge especially in pregnant women, where it is critical to monitor and assess both the maternal and the fetal wellbeing. Apart from women with pre-gestational diabetes (type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus), there is a growing rate of women who develop gestational diabetes mellitus.

Methods:This cohort study was conducted at Menoufia University Hospitals and Menouf General Hospital from March 2020 till January 2022. The study participants were pregnant women at first trimester who had attended outpatient clinic (prenatal care). Each patient had undergone through history taking and physical examination then had first trimester ultrasound scan where nuchal translucency, Fetal heart rate(FHR) and CRL were recorded

Results:The best cutoff value of first trimester fetal heart rate in predicting GDM was ≤ 162 beats per minute, AUC=0.853, with sensitivity of 76% and specificity of 78.9%, Positive predictive value 23.43 , Negative predictive value 76.57 and accuracy of 78% , while the results of multiple logistic regression analysis indicate that first trimester FHR was highly significant as a predictor for GDM (p<0.001)

Conclusion:First trimester fetal heart rate at cutoff value of ≥ 162 had moderate screening parameters for GDM.