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Original Study


Objectives: to define any neurological manifestations & problems of definite covid-19 infection patients, & its relation with onset and evolution of the infection.

Background: Spread of COVID- 19 infections has been rapid in both low- & high-income countries. Outbreak of respiratory disease took place in China in December 2019, & it later spread to other countries. Acute neurological insults are more likely in studied cases who are badly infected.

Patients and methods; study is cross sectional research. Data was obtained from the archived files of the selected Covid-19 patients, in addition to patient who admitted at Isolated ICU and inpatient rooms Menoufia university hospitals, Shebin El-Kom teaching hospital, El-Bajur general hospital, Menouf general hospital and Sirs-Ellian general hospital. The duration of the recruiting period was from February to August 2021.

Result: In the multivariate logistic regression, the significant predictors of the neurological manifestations are female sex, obesity, DM, any comorbidity.

Conclusion: wide range of neurological manifestations, such as CNS & PNS manifestations, can happen in COVID-19 studied cases regardless of disease severity, with higher incidence in severe category of studied cases. In evaluation of studied cases with COVID-19 & neurological symptoms, detailed history & neurological examination, as well as proper assessment by expert neurologists, are required.