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Objectives: to compare between transperitoneal guided transverse abdominis plane (TAP) block versus ultrasound (US) guided TAP block. As regards, time of first call of analgesia, patient satisfaction, the amount of additional analgesic needed for 24 hour postoperatively, duration of the procedure and complications encountered in each procedure. Background: Pain after caesarean section is often characterized by majority of cases as moderate to severe. TAP block is a recently introduced regional procedure which provide analgesia to anterior abdominal wall, which is guided by US or transperitoneal surgical approach. Methods: Randomized, double blind research on 70 women who underwent elective caesarean section distributed into two groups each is 35 women. Group ST: transperitoneal guided TAP block was delivered after uterine closure and good hemostasis. Group UT: ultrasound guided TAP block was done after closure of skin. Results: The first call of analgesia was statistically comparable between both groups (P = 0.528). Conclusion: ultrasound guided and surgical TAP blocks had the same safety and had the same effectiveness in achieving post-operative analgesia after caesarean section.