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Objectives: To evaluate immediate breast reconstruction using silicone implant regarding: advantage, disadvantage, complications and aesthetic outcomes, Background: Reconstruction after mastectomy allows women to mitigate some of the emotional and aesthetic effects of this devastating disease. Although there are a variety of alloplastic and autologous techniques, they all aim to achieve the same objective: the successful reconstruction of a breast mound that appears as natural as possible, Methods: This study will be conducted on 19 patients at General Surgery Department, Menoufia University and Patients will be randomly selected, Results: Among our studied patients 31.6% developed post-operative complications after reconstruction. Among our studied patients Seroma and Minor infection were developed in 31.6% for each followed by lack of symmetry in 26.3 than unacceptable scar, pain in 21.1% for each then areola Depigmentation, restricted arm movement, numbness or tingling in 15.8% for each then hematoma and delayed wound healing in 10.5% for each. There was a significant improvement of EORTC Quality of Life Questionnaire C30 (QLQ‐C30) 6 month after operation than before operation in the studied population. Conclusion: Women who had breast reconstruction with implants were quite happy with the results and experienced minimal complications. Reconstructive surgery on the breast has been shown to substantially improve both patient satisfaction and quality of life. We were able to use BREAST-Q's evaluation of patient satisfaction to pinpoint areas where we might enhance our services.