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Internal Medicine

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Original Study


Objectives: To estimate the incidence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) among the hemodialysis patients and the related risk factors of COVID-19 severity for critical outcomes including intensive care unit (ICU) admission or death. Background: Chronic kidney disease patients who receive maintenance dialysis are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 Methods: we evaluated the clinical outcomes of 70 patients on maintenance hemodialysis were divided according to the clinical severity of the confirmed COVID-19, into mild to moderate (group I), and sever (group II) including ICU admission, and death during 2020 till 2022 years. Demographic, clinical and laboratory data were collected. Results: The clinical outcomes of hemodialysis COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms including ICU admission 10 (100%) with mean duration of (10.43±0.32) days and all patients unfortunately non survived in comparison to 14 (23.3%) of patients with mild to moderate symptoms admitted to ICU (P=0.020). The multivariate linear regression analysis showed that O2 saturation followed by requiring ICU admission were the most independent risk factors of mortality among dialysis patients with COVID-19 OR, 8.974, 2.40, (CI:1.039–77.508) (CI :1.35–5.79) respectively (P=0.005). We found also that old age (p=0.03), hypertension as associated comorbidity (p=0.008), elevated d-dimer (p=0.009), and longer duration of hemodialysis (HD) (p=0.002) were the most risk factors for mortality in COVID-19 dialysis patients. Conclusion: Patients undergoing hemodialysis who have COVID-19 may have extended ICU stay and negative prognosis. There was a strong association between death related to COVID-19 infection in dialysis patients and the duration of dialysis, associated comorbidities, and severity of symptoms.