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Tropical Medicine

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Original Study


Objective: To evaluate the role of combined preoperative neutrophil lymphocytic ratio (NLR) and Prognostic nutritional index (PNI) as a predictor of the postoperative outcomes of unresectable Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) TACE-treated patients. Background: NLR and PNI are immunonutritional indices associated with postoperative outcomes in HCC TACE-treated patients. Patients and methods: NLR-PNI score calculated for 40 candidates and classified into 3 groups (NLR-PNI0, NLR-PNI1 and NLR-PNI2). Patients underwent TACE and investigations repeated after one month. Results: 22(100%) in NLR-PNI0 and 6(60%) in NLR-PNI1 had well ablated tumour. 4(40%) in NLR-PNI1 with residual tumour. All 8(100%) in NLR-PNI2 with largest sizes (8.64 ± 0.69 cm), were inadequately ablated. At cutoff point NLR >2.28 and PNI ≤36 at baseline data correlates with a poor prognosis regarding result of ablation in follow up triphasic CT. Conclusion: Higher preoperative NLR-PNI score predicted poor ablation rates in patients who underwent TACE for unresectable HCC.