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Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Objectives: To detect changes in ultrasound and urodynamic study in patients with stress urinary incontinence. Background: Assessment of urinary bladder neck mobility as part of assessment of SUI can be done by ultrasonography. It can be done through assessing urethral angles and bladder neck descent distance has for objective documentation of anatomical and functional parameters of the pelvic floor before and after surgery. Methods: a prospective longitudinal study was done on three groups of patients, first group included 16 cases of normal healthy individuals as control, the second group included 16 cases with anterior vaginal wall prolapse complicated by SUI, the third group included 16 cases with stress urinary incontinence transvaginal sonography was done, posterior urethra-vesical angle , angle of inclination and bladder neck descent were measured at rest and during Valsalva and urodynamic study was done before surgery and three months after surgery. Data was collected and tabulated Results: Both the α and β angles were significantly higher in SUI patients at rest and straining, and there was also a significant increase in bladder neck descent in SUI patients (p value