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Objectives: To evaluate the use of Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) for chronic empyema regarding its effectiveness, duration of surgery, postoperative pain, and possible complications. Background: Empyema thoracis is a common disease which may be complicated with multiloculated chronic empyema. Different surgical techniques are used in treatment of empyema like thoracoscopic debridement and open thoracotomy decortication to provide lung re-expansion and restore the good respiratory function. Methods: Prospective observational study conducted from September 2015 to August 2017 including 29 patients diagnosed to have chronic empyema indicated for elective thoracoscopic debridement. Visual analogue score was used to assess postoperative pain. Results: Our study results revealed that operation duration (in minutes) mean ± SD was 105.17±22.93, six patients 6 (20.4%) were converted to conventional thoracotomy incision, total hospital stay mean ± SD was 8.79±5.75 and pain score mean ± SD was 45.17±20.63. Conclusion: Based on short-term follow-up, Use of VATS in management of empyema is recommended based on good surgical results including short operative duration, satisfactory pleural debridement, and total lung inflation along with marked patient satisfaction regarding small wound size, post-operative pain, and short hospital stay.