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Objectives: The current study aimed to evaluate the safety and reliability of the MB spray technique in the identification of parathyroid gland during thyroid operations. Background: Several approached were designed to properly identify parathyroid glands to reduce the possibility of postoperative hypocalcemia. Methylene blue (MB) could be used in a lot of medical therapies. Parathyroid glands could absorb the stain after that regain their original yellow color in three minutes. Methods: This was a prospective study conducted on a total of 110 patients requiring surgery who were undergone total thyroidectomy in the Surgery department, Menoufia University Hospital. Results: Multi nodular goitre was the most common pathology (54.5%) followed by papillary thyroid carcinoma (25.5%) and lastly solitary thyroid nodule which represented 20%. All the studied cases were undergone operation for total thyroidectomy. The mean value of Post operation 4 hours parathyroid hormone, one day post-operative serum calcium were 68.84±20.39and8.84±0.98 respectively. Most of cases the studied cases (93.6%) were positive for identification of parathyroid gland after MB spray. Only 5% of the studied cases developed hypocalcemia. Conclusion: Methylene blue dye spraying is technically feasible, safe, and efficient approach for parathyroid gland identification.