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Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Original Study


Objective: to study amniotic fluid index (AFI) effect on estimated fetal weight (EFW) measurement accuracy at term. Background: amniotic fluid assessment by ultrasound at full term is an essential factor of the fetal biophysical profile and confirm fetal well-being. Method: we conducted a prospective cohort study on 129 medically free pregnant women divided into three groups according to AFI with ratio 1:1:1: oligohydramnios group (43 cases AFIcm), polyhydramnios group (43 cases AFI>24 cm) and cases had normal volume of amniotic fluid (43 cases AFI between 5 cm and 24 cm). Results: we found highly significant difference among studied groups regarding EFW, Birth weight (BW) and AFI (P value